Located adjacent to the Celebration Cottage, The Island Grill Restaurant is the Cottage’s exclusive caterer.

General manager Aimee Scott and Chef Jason Scott meld fine dining with casual oceanside ambiance for an unforgettable evening of food, wine, and fantastic service. Their well-earned reputation as a favorite wine-and-dine haven for locals and vacationers alike has been spotlighted in Southern Living Magazine, NC Boating Lifestyle Magazine, Metro Magazine, and This Week Publications.

The Island Grill is committed to bringing you unique and creative dishes made with the freshest ingredients.

“In the many years that Jason, Denise and I have been catering parties we have found that there are several forms of dinner service preferred for events. We will attempt to give you menu ideas and pricing based on those forms of service but, do not feel that you have to conform your dinner to any of these single standards. Ask for ways to mix and match items. Ask us what we can do to make the menu truly yours. We can make anything! And we will make your event a night that everyone will want to relive for years to come!”

Aimee Scott, The Island Grill Catering Team